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Ample Free Parking
We make Massachusetts the best place to park your next production

Massachusetts now offers one of the highest tax credits with the lowest qualifications of any state - making it one of the top places to shoot in the country according to the industry trade journal Production Guide Magazine. The types of production that qualify include movies, episodic television, documentaries, "digital media" and commercials (which can combine the cost of multiple spots for the same client to make the low qualifying threshold).

How much can you save by shooting in Massachusetts? If, for example, you spend in any twelve month period the minimum amount to qualify ($50'000) and shoot at least 50 percent of your principle photography in the state, you stand to earn upwards of $12'500 in tax credits. We can also make it possible for you to redeem your credits at a guaranteed rate of return of 90% - netting you a cash rebate of $11'250 on every $50'000 you spend in the state.
"MA offers a cash rebate of $11'250 on every $50'000 you spend"

Our Services

With incentives like these, shooting in Massachusetts is sure to benefit your bottom line? But, getting the most out of the state can be a production on its own. As our name implies, we make it easy to get the most out of Massachusetts. Through our knowledge and expertise in Massachusetts government, laws, and businesses, Ample Free Parking (AFP) maximizes all of the benefits the state has to offer without any of the hassle. We work as your partner in Massachusetts, handling all the red tape and logistics of shooting in the state, bringing quality crews and services to your production, expediting the processing of your tax credits, and turning them into cash for you at a guaranteed rate of return of 90% - a rate substantially greater than the rates offered by any tax broker in the state.

How do we do this? Because AFP is not a tax credit broker, but rather offers tax credit filing as part of a production services package, we are able to turn your credits into cash at a guaranteed rate of 90 cents on the dollar. Our program has been approved by the State Department of Revenue and enables us to return to you 22% of your total Massachusetts spend after redeeming your tax credits.

As part of our program, AFP ensures that all of your state-related tasks and paperwork are completed and all of your production needs in Massachusetts are met above your satisfaction. This includes, but is not limited to, the following services:



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1-Ton Van
12-Ton Feature Packages

Truck Packages

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Certification of your production to qualify for receiving tax credits

Customizing your budget and schedule for Massachusetts

Enlisting experienced location scouts with in-depth knowledge of locations that would otherwise be difficult to access

Assembling a selection of quality local crew to maximize labor tax credits

Providing pre-negotiated, volume discounted, rates for labor, insurance, payroll, rental equipment, catering, accommodations, etc.

Providing convenient and suitable production offices

Expediting filing for and attaining of all tax credits for your production

Obtaining a 90% rate-of-return on your tax credits.

We offer you the invaluable knowledge and contacts that only come from working in a market for close to twenty years. Our experience will save you from suffering the growing pains of an expanding market. When experienced crew are scarce, we can call in favors with local freelancers. If an electrical permit has to be pulled, we know the licensed electricians willing and able to do it. We know the location scouts that can get the hard to find locations and the vendor who has the hard to find piece of equipment. We know the lay of the land. We can make Massachusetts the best place to park your next production.

We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate to you the value of the tax credits you stand to earn and how you can monetize them at a guaranteed rate of return of 90%. But, to do so we first need some basic information about you and your production. Please download and fill out our simple one page preliminary application form and return it to me by email or fax to 781-326-4751. This information will enable us to evaluate the amount of tax credits you stand to earn. Please call me with any questions.


Guy Holt,
Ample Free Parking,
Ph. 781-326-5088
Fax 781-326-4751


Ample Free Parking (AFP) is the production service arm of ScreenLight & Grip - a lighting and grip rental and production service company serving New England for over fifteen years. We supply everything your production needs from A to Z (apple boxes to zip lights)-- even crews, dollies and 48' production trailer (see below).

Grip Trucks w/ Generators

Serving all of N.E., we provide lighting and grip trucks from a 1-Ton Van to Feature Packages; generators from the Honda 2000w to onboard Crawford 1400A blimped sets; as well as studio and dolly rentals. With diesel fuel at historically high prices, it no longer makes sense to truck feature packages in from out of the region. We can save you the thousands of dollars it costs on drivers, road accommodations, and fuel to bring feature production packages in from outside New England. As a local lighting and grip equipment rental and production service company we are able to provide Complete Feature Packages at competitive rates and with better support.

Complete Feature Packages

Our inventory includes the latest single ended H.M.I. technology from LTM and Arri; flicker-free electronic H.M.I. ballasts from Power Gem; quartz lighting from Mole Richardson and Arri; Kino-Flo fluorescent lighting fixtures; as well as, the latest grip equipment from Modern and American Studio Equipment.

Studio Production

Incorporated in 1991 we offer over twenty years of production experience in New England. Click on the following links to see samples of our work on recent features:

Call 781.326-5088 for your immediate needs.

Guy Holt, President


ScreenLight and Grip Equips...