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20 Amp Break-Out Box

Since our standard 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro has only one 60A Bates receptacle on it, to power anything more than one large light you need either our new accessory 20A break-out box (available as a retro-fit kit if you already have a transformer/distro ) or additional distribution equipment. Our 20A Break-Out Box features:

    - 3 x 20 Amp L5-20 U-Ground Edison Cicruits
    - Each circuit is backed up by a 20A Fuse
    - Hard wired to the base of the Transformer/Distro
    - Convenient Edison Outlets at the Transformer/Distro w/o addl. distro

Our 20A Break-Out Box is designed to be an economical alternative to a distribution system. A complete distro system for our HD P&P Gen-set would consist of qty. 2 60A Bates extension cables, qty. 2 60 Male-to-2 60 Female Siamese (Splitters), and qty. 2 60A Bates-to-Edison 3 circuit Snack Boxes. The advantage to having such a package is that it will enable you to run power around your set - breaking out to 20A Edison outlets at convenient points.

60A Transformer/Distro w/ accessory 20A Break-Out Box (right)
Standard 60A Tranformer/Distro w/Bates Only (left)

The best part about using such a distro package with our system is that no matter where in the distribution system you plug in, our Full Power Transformer/Distro automatically balances the additional load on the generator, so that you do not have to. You simply plug lights in through our 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro until the load wattage displayed on the iMonitor of the generator control panel reaches 7500 Watts. It is so easy, you do not need to be an experienced electrician to distribute power on your set.

60A Bates Receptacle Standard on all Transformer/Distros

So that you can take advantage of the benefits of a complete distribution system, we have introduced an affordable 60A Snack Box with 3 - 20A breakered circuits. Plug one of these compact Snack Boxes into a 60A Siamese Splitter at the end of each of your 60A cable runs and you will have both a 60A Bates pocket for a large light, as well as 20A Edison receptacles for smaller lights where ever you need it.

60A Snack Box with 3 - 20 Amp Breakered Circuits

Constructed of anodized aluminum, our 60A Snack Box consists of 3 x 20A branch circuits with circuit breakers. Each branch circuit has a duplex L5-20 U-Ground Edison receptacle and a pilot light to indicate current present. All wiring devices used are UL Listed.

Accessory 3 x 20 Amp Circuit Break-Out Box mounts under
the 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro

If it is not in your budget to purchase additional distro equipment, but you would like the convenience of 20A Edison outlets on set, you should consider our new accessory 20A Break-Out box (available as a retro-fit if you already have a Transformer/Distro.)

A 20A Fuse protects each 20A Circuit from overload.

Our accessory 20A Break-Out box is hard-wired to the bottom of the transformer/distro and has three 20 Amp L5-20 U-Ground Edison outlets on three 20A circuits each protected by a 20A fuse. This accessory will give you convenient 20Amp outlets at the transformer/distro without purchasing additional distribution equipment. Constructed of high strength PVC, our 20A Break-Out Box is rated for outdoor usage and all of its wiring devices are UL Listed.


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Our HD P&P Pkg. capitalizes upon the following technological advances in lighting and production technology by
Mole Richardson, K5600, Power to Light, Kino Flo, and Honda.
    - More efficient and compact HMI, Quartz, and now Fluorescent Par Lights.
    - Brighter and more efficient "short arc" HMI bulb designs.
    - 120/240V Electronic HMI ballasts with Power Factor Correction.
    - Cool burning, energy efficient Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures.
    - Innovative new rigging hardware.
These technological advances in lighting design now enable the use of bigger lights, or more smaller lights, off of standard wall outlets or off a new generation of quieter and more powerfull Honda Inverter Generators. Click here for more detailed information on our HD P&P Pkg.



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