The following productions demonstrate just a few of the many exclusive features of the Porta-Grid System that enable it to turn any ordinary drop-ceiling into a full blown studio grid. The same features that made the Porta-Grid System so effective on each of these productions, will also make it effective on your productions. By virtue of the fact that it worked under the nearly impossible circumstances described here, when nothing else would, proves that it is sure to work anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances - site unseen. The Porta-Grid System is the best production tool you can have in your bag of tricks when shooting under drop ceilings.

NBC's Prime Time Drama "Ed"

Desperate for a better means of rigging large 4'- 4 bank Kino Flo lights
to the drop ceiling of the principle set for NBC's "ED", Gaffer P. Brooke Stanford
finds the solution in the Porta-Grid Clamp.

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Requiring studio control on location for DirecTV's NFL Preview,
D.P. Jim O'Donnell is pleasantly surprised when the Porta-Grid System turns the drop ceiling
of the New England Patriots' locker room into a full blown studio grid.

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Regional Commercial Spot
J.N. Phillips Glass

Up against the wall, with no room to work lights from the floor
or from under the location's low drop ceiling, the crew finds the Porta-Grid System
gives them endless possibilties to rig from above.

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Indie Short "Stop Thief"

Faced with having to prerig a lot of heavy lights for a number of scenes,
Director of Photography Boyd Estus wonders if the locations' drop ceiling can handle the load.
It can - but only because of the innovative design of the Porta-Grid System.

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TNT's "Speed"
Nascar Track Side Live

Taking his show on the road, Producer Chris DeCelle is faced with the dilemma of
making a studio out of a kid's playroom at the N.H. International Speedway. The Porta-Grid System
gives L.D. Scott Rinehart the studio control he needs.

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Arnold Worldwide's
Volkswagen Update

Video shooter Bob Driessig uses the Porta-Grid System
to jump start Arnold Worldwide's video update for client Volkswagon,
among other coporate productions.

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The Porta-Grid System is registered w/ U.S.Patent & TM Office.