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LightBreak Gobo on 18 x 24 Open Frame rigged to clamp w/ Articulating Grip Arm.

The Porta-Grid system features an exclusive line of gobos specificly designed for cutting and modifying lights rigged into drop ceilings. The Porta-Grid line of gobos include small flags, nets, dots, and fingers sized to fit the cramp working space found above drop ceilings. It also features unusually lightweight flags and nets that can be rigged on the same clamp as a light. And, it even includes large collapsiable gobos that are extremely light weight and easily transported in our kits.

To further enhance the grip capability of the Porta-Grid System, we have supplemented our line with the innovative LightBreak line of printed pattern gobos.

LightBreak is a system of designs printed onto clear, heavy-duty, heat resistant mylar. When placed in front of a fixture as a gobo, they bring texture to light. They can be used, either, to turn a blank wall into a graphic background; or, to bring dramatic realism to actors and sets. LightBreak patterns have been systematized to offer you unparalelled control in lighting design. They come in high and low contrast series; texture and gradient series; as well as, pattern limiter series (see the LightBreak Web site at for more details and pricing).

With a LightBreak gobo, the Porta-Grid System can greatly enhance not only the lighting design, but also the camera movement, in a produciton. For instance, you can eliminate a forest of C-stands on the floor, by clipping a 18x24 pattern onto an open frame rigged with a grip arm in front of a light on a Porta-Grid Clamp in the ceiling (as pictured here). By bringing sophistication and control to lighting from the ceiling, the Porta-Grid System allows for more creative freedom in camera movement on the floor. Light placement need no longer be compromised by camera movement; and, camera movement need no longer be compromised by light placement.

Without a doubt, LightBreak gobo patterns and the Porta-Grid system together can enhance the production values of any project.