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An Arri Baby 5K rigged with Jr. Mount on Clamp, with 18" Risers and Heavy Duty Brackets - safetied with Strain Relief Straps. This picturecontains two important accessories for safely rigging larger lights into drop-ceilings -the Porta-Grid Heavy Duty Bracket and Clamp Extensions.

The Porta-Grid Clamp Extensions are used to raise the clamp's channel further into the ceiling. Made of 1/8" aluminum alloy channel with 1" legs, the Porta-Grid Clamp Extensions are extremely lightweight, yet rigid. Ranging from 12 to 24 inches, the Clamp Extensions, are ideal for when you need to get larger lights higher to be out of the shot.

The Porta Grid Heavy Duty Bracket is used to create a more stable footing for larger heavier lights such as the Baby 5K Fresnel, pictured here, or H.M.I.s larger than 1200 watts.

The Heavy Duty Bracket takes the place of one half of the clamp's mounting bracket. The other half of the Clamp's mounting bracket can attach directly to the channel of the Heavy Duty Bracket. Or, as pictured here, the bracket can also attach to an 18" Clamp Extension, and the extension, in turn attach to the Heavy Duty Bracket. Where, the finished rig now attaches to the drop-ceiling grid with scissor clips at four points instead of two, the footing for the light is much more stable. The Heavy Duty Bracket comes with an additional Safety Eye with Twistlock Nut, two of our exclusive I-Beam Safety Eyes, and two Strain Relief Straps, so that you can quickly and easily tranfer the weight of the light off the drop-ceiling grid and onto the framing above.

Without a doubt, the Porta-Grid Heavy Duty Bracket and Clamp Extensions offer you unparalelled rigging capability in a drop-ceiling hanger.