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Grip, P.J. Gaynard, testing his rig.

When properly installed, drop-ceiling grids can support alot of weight. They can easily support the weight of half a dozen Porta-Grid Clamps with smaller lights and accessories, as long as they are not concentrated in one area.

For those occasions, when you need to rig a large light or a large number of lights, and the grid itself appears shaky, the Porta-Grid System features a numberof innovative strain relief accessories. And, since production schedules rarely allow for much time, these accessories are specificly designed to enable you to strain relief rigs quickly. They include an assortment of quick mounting clamps with safety eyes and adjustable strain relief straps with automatic locking mechanisms.

To establish anchor points for the strain relief straps, the Porta-Grid I-beam Clamp mounts quickly and easily to open joists or steel girders above the drop ceiling. For lumber ceiling joists, a bare or studded C-Clamp makes for a quick anchor point on which you can hook the strain relief strap. The other end of the strap can hookdirectly into the Porta-Grid Clamp's Safety Eye, or the Porta-Grid "T" Channel Clamp which mounts quickly tothe drop-ceiling inverted "T" channel itself. All the Porta-Grid Clamps have safety eyes built into them, so that all you have to do, to quickly safety a light, is hook the eyes with the ends of the strain relief strap amd draw the strap taught.

With proper strain relief, the load put on the clamp is completely transferred to the framing above the drop-ceiling. The ceiling grid itself, not actually bearing the weight of the light, serves no other purpose than to keep the light from swinging to one side or the other.In fact, all that is needed to support the full weight of a man is a couple of strain relief straps (working capacity 316 lbs each) properly installed from the clamp (load capacity of 500 lbs), to two Heavy Duty I-Beam Clamps (load capacity 150 lbs each). We recommend two Strain Relief Straps running in opposite directions (as pictured above) to balance the load and keep the ceiling from being stressed on one side.

The Porta-Grid System's strain relief accessories open up whole new possibilities for lighting from drop-ceiling grids. They enable you to safely rig not onlylarger lights, but also more lights and grip hardware, than had ever been possible before from a drop ceiling.