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A Cluster of Arri 300s, Articulating Grip Arms, Flags, and Nets, rigged on a Porta-Grid Cross Span, mounted between two Porta-Grid Clamps. Note, two Porta-Grid Strain relief straps transfer the load off the drop-ceilingand onto the framing above.

The Porta-Grid Cross Span is the obvious choice when you have to rig a cluster of lights in a concentrated area. The Cross Span is made of the same high strength lightweight fiberglass channel as the Porta-Grid Clamp. It has two 5/8" Baby receivers, with locking "T"handles, that enable it to span two Porta-Grid Clamps with Baby Mounts for an extremely stable rig. The Baby receivers attach to the channel with the same secure "Posi-Lock" connection as the Porta-Grid light mounts. They slide within the channel to mate easily with the baby mounts regardless of where the clamps are rigged to the drop-ceiling grid. Measuring 52" in length, the Cross Span easily spans two drop-ceiling tile widths and so offers numerous possible rigging configurations.

Finally, with a load capacity of over 1000lbs, the Cross Span can easily support a number of lights and grip accessories; and, it comes with an additional safety eye so that you can transfer the weight off the drop ceiling grid and onto the framing above. These features make the Porta-Grid Cross Span a neccesity when it comes to rigging a number of lights in a concentrated area.

Another option, when rigging a number of lights, is the Porta-GridSpeedrail Pipe Clamp. Two Porta-Grid Clamps, with Speedrail Pipe Clamps, can safely suspend aluminum pipe from a drop-ceiling for rigging lights with pipe clamps - such as the ETC Source Four Lekos and Pars. In fact, this rig is a good alternative to truss for satellite teleconferencing at sites with drop-ceilings such as hotel conference rooms or company cafeterias.

Without a doubt, the Porta-Grid Cross Span and Speedrail Pipe Clamp are importantassets to large scale applications of the Porta-Grid System.