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Source Four Leko with pipe-clamp rigged with the Porta-Grid Stirrup Mount.

The Porta-Grid Stirrup Mount is used with lights with a studio style pipe clamp such as the ETC Source Four Lekos and Pars. Employing a trick-of-the-trade, the Porta-Grid can be so rock solid that you can even make fine cuts with the leaves of Lekos w/ long lens. The trick is to wedge the two halves of a cloth pin between the Clamp's mounting bracket and scissor clip to take out even the slight roll in the Clamp.

Like all the light mounts, the Stirrup Mount features our exclusive "Posi-Lock" connection for quick, easy, and safe rigging. To attach the Stirrup Mount, you simply insert our exclusive twist-lock nut into the Clamp's channel, twist and tighten - using the mount's stirrup as a handle for easy torqueing. The grooves in the nut engage the channel track to make the secure, yet flexible, "Posi-Lock" connection. For extra safety precautions where there is a live audience, you can rig the Porta-Grid clamp upside down so that the mounting bracket will keep the scissor clips from spreading and the clamp falling. A Safety Cable, looped through the light's yoke and over the clamp, will safely secure the light to the clamp. While a Strain Relief Strap (like the one pictured here) will transfer the entire load off the drop-ceiling and onto the framing above.

In fact, for satellite teleconferencing, the Porta-Grid Clamp with Stirrup Mount is a good alternative to rigging truss on sites with drop-ceilings (click on pic #6 for more details).