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At top left, a Mole 8" Jr. is rigged with Jr. Light Mount (sold separately) and netted with 12" x 18" Double on Articulating Grip Arm (also sold separately).

The Porta - Grid Junior Mount is used with larger lights with a 1 1/8" Jr. Pin. Like all the Porta-Grid Light Mounts (sold separately from Clamp), it features our exclusive "Posi-Lock" connection for quick, easy, and safe rigging (see detail left). To attach the Junior Mount, you simply insert our exclusive twist-lock nut into the Clamp's channel, twist and tighten - using the mount's "T" handle for easy torqueing. The grooves in the nut engage the channel track to make the secure, yet flexible, "Posi-Lock" connection. A Safety Cable, looped through the light's yoke and over the clamp, will safely secure the light to the clamp.

Another exclusive feature of our "Posi-Lock" connection is that it enables you to make quick adjustments to the light's placement, even after it has been rigged. With just a slight counter clockwise twist of the Light Mount, the "Posi-Lock" enables you to safely slide the Mount within the Clamp's channel to make adjustments on one axis without fear of the light falling. Where, the whole clamp will easily slide on the drop ceiling "T" channel, you can make adjustments on another axis. And, with our assorted drop-down / riser extensions, you can make quick adjustments in height. In this way, the Porta-Grid System enables you to position a light virtually anywhere above or below a drop-ceiling; while retaining the flexibility to quickly make those fine adjustments that can make all the difference in your lighting.

Given the narrow profile of our exclusive "Posi-Lock" connection, you can nest multiple Porta-Grid accessories - such as lightweight articulating grip arms with gobos & cable hangers - with the light on the Clamp's long I-Beam channel. This nesting capability is what gives the Port-Grid System unparalleled grip capability, in a drop-ceiling hanger, to chop, silk, or tease a light.