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An Arri 650 is offset to fit in a tight space above ceiling.

A 90 Degree Baby Offset (pictured here) quite often comes in handy, and is a great additon to any kit. For instance, when there is insufficient clearance for the light to go directly on the Baby Mount, because of low hanging duct work or ceiling joist, it can make the difference between being able to rig a light above the ceiling or not.

A 90 Degree Baby Offset, on top of a baby riser, is also great for when you want to shoot a small light straight down yet have it completely above the ceiling and out of the shot. Where these are just two of the many instances when a 90 Degree Baby Offset comes in handy, you can see why it is such an indespensable part of any kit. Without a doubt, it plays a large part in the Porta-Grid System's capability to rig a light anywhere above the ceiling.