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Arri 650 rigged on a Telescoping Baby Extension, and cut with 10x12 Flags and Net on Articulating Grip Arms. Note that one grip arm is clamped to the Baby Extension with its' accessory Super Clamp.

The key to the extensive grip capability of the Porta-Grid System, is that it replaces the bulky and heavy 2 1/2"grip head and rigid arm, with a compact and extremely lightweight articulating arm that enables quick, yet safe, rigging of multiple gobos on the same clamp as the light.

Our exclusive Articulating Grip Arm, features the same secure "Posi-Lock" connection as the Porta-Grid light mounts. Its' joints feature a locking mechanism that enables rock steady placement of our special line of gobos in its' 3/8" socket receiver.

The narrow profile of the "Posi-Lock" connection , and the arm's light weight, enable you to nest multiple articulating grip arms with the light on the same clamp (as pictured here). Or, the articulating grip arm can be mounted directly onto any one of our many drop-down extensions and risers with a Super Clamp using the arm's built-in hexagonal adapter (also pictured here).

Without a doubt, the Porta-Grid's ability to nest grip arms with a fixture on a single clamp offers unparalelled capability, in a drop ceiling hanger, to chop, silk, net, tease, and break-up light.