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At left, a web video streaming studio lit with the new Lowel Fluo-Tec fluorescent lights rigged with the Porta-Grid drop ceiling hanger system. The custom sized green screen is strung on a collapsible frame made of the same lightweight fiberglass channel as the Porta-Grid Clamp (see below for details).

The Porta-Grid System and the Lowel Fluo-Tec lights, together, offer a cost effective and turnkey solution to the problem of outfitting office space for video streaming over the internet. Taken together, they eliminate the need for the costly structural changes typically required to outfit a space for traditional movie lights.

The versatility of the Porta-Grid system makes it easy to turn any office, conference room, or cafeteria with a drop-ceiling into a full blown production studio in no time. While, the cool burning Lowel Fluo-Tec fluorescent lights eliminate the need for the additional air conditioning that is required for hot movie lights. Where there is no need for structural changes, you can erect a video streaming studio any where, and in no time. For instance, we were able to install the studio pictured at left (including lights and green screen) for State Street Global in downtown Boston in only one day at a considerable cost savings.

The Porta-Grid System is specificly designed to make the most of cramped office space. Accessories, such as the vertical light post (pic.1) and collapsible green screen frame (above), are designed to make the most efficient use of what space is available. By attaching to the drop-ceiling with a scissor clip, they eliminates the large foot print of traditional light stands. The weight of lights on the light post is not borne by the ceiling. Instead, it is supported by the floor. The expansion screw jack base of these accessories (pic. 2) lifts the weight; while, the scissor clip at the top keeps the the vertical post from tipping over. Without the large foot print of traditional light stands, the Porta-Grid Light Post and Green Screen Frame can be snugged right up against a wall for the most efficient use of tight space.

Where both accessories use the same lightweight, yet strong, fiberglass channel as the Porta-Grid Clamp, you can rig just about any light to them using the Porta-Grid Light Mounts (pic.3). As these pictures illustrate, Lowel Fluo-Tec lights on Light Posts will give a very even wash on a green screen for chroma keying. While, small fresnel lights rigged on the Green Screen Frame make for good backlights. These are just a few of the time saving, space saving, and cost saving features that make the Porta-Grid System your best choice when outfitting a video streaming studio

Call, or email, us for more information on our cost effective turnkey solutions for outfitting video streaming studios. We will be happy to design and/or install a studio incorporating the cost savings and versatility of the Porta-Grid System and the soft forgiving light of the new Lowel Fluo-Tech Fluorescent Lights.