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An Arri 650 rigged on the end of a Baby Drop-down extension. Note, the Porta-Grid Cable Hanger on the clamp relieves the lateral strain on the light from its' cable; while other cable hangers mounted to the ceiling channel the light cable along the ceiling, to the left, until it can drop down out of shot.

As shown here, Porta Grid Cable hangers serve two purposes: to keep light cables and stingers out of the shot and to keep the weight of the cable from pulling laterally on the light rig. For this reason they come in two types: cable hangers with scissor clips, and cable hangers with twist- lock nuts.

Cable hangers with scissor clips are attached to the drop-ceiling grid at regular intervals to channel lighting cables and stingers along the ceiling until they can drop down out of shot. Cable Hangers with twist-lock nuts attach directly to the Porta-Grid Clamp to eliminate the stress of the weight of the cable pulling laterally on lights rigged at the end of extensions. For this reason, Cable Hangers with twist-lock nuts are especially recommended whenever a telescoping drop-down extension is used.

Both cable hangers feature our exclusive spiral cable keeper loop design. The loop makes a nearly complete circle so that the cables can't fall out. The large size of the loop enables it to hold many cables at once. While, the spiral of the loop makes it easy to put a cable in, as well as take it out.

The Porta-Grid Cable Hangers enable you to safely wrangle a large number of cables and are an indespensible part of the Porta-Grid System.