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A Mole 8" Jr. rigged with Jr. Mount on Clamp with 18" Risers. The Jr. is netted by a 18" x 24" Single on another clamp with a traditional 20" Grip Arm.

With a large and varied assortment of grip accessories, the Porta-Grid System offers larger commercial and feature productions the control in lighting on location that they are accustomed to having in the studio.

For instance, lensers, harder cuts, and hard teasers, can all be easily accomplished with the Porta-Grid System. With a number of Clamps on hand, you can rig large flags, meat axes, and nets further from the source, anywhere on the set, with the combination pictured here. The addition of a Heavy Duty Bracket will create a even more stable footing for the clamp so that even a 24"x 72" cutter won't settle after it has been set.

Without a doubt, our Commercial and Feature Packages, will enable you to rig not only larger lights, but also more lights and grip hardware, than had ever been possible from a drop-ceiling before.