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At top left, an Arri 650 is rigged on an inverted Porta-Grid Clamp with a Porta-Grid Baby Mount (sold separately). Inverting the clamp enables you to rig a light above the ceiling so that it is completely out of the shot.

The Porta-Grid Clamp alone, even without it's many grip accessories, is a better more stable means of rigging lights to a drop-ceiling grid. The Clamp consists of an extremely lightweight fiberglass I-Beam track between two mounting brackets with scissor clips (see pic. #1 left). The scissor clips are spaced 2' apart so that they can mount directly to standard drop-ceiling "T" Channel spaced to support the most common 2'x 2' and 2'x 4' ceiling tiles. The fact that the clamp spans two ceiling channels actually binds the ceiling grid together, for a more secure and stable rig, that's capable of carrying more weight.

Once the scissor clips are attached to the drop-ceiling "T" channel, the Porta-Grid Clamp can be rigged so that the light hangs below the ceiling (which enables you to even rig a light under a ceiling fluorescent bank or air vent). Or, the clamp can be inverted so that the light sits above the ceiling (assuring that backlights won't creep into your shot). When the clamp is inverted, the mounting brackets actually lock the scissor clips closed (see detail #1 left), eliminating any chance that the clamp might fall. For additional safety precautions, every clamp comes with an adjustable strain relief safety eye (see detail #2 left), so that the weight of heavier lights can be safely transferred to anchor points above the drop-ceiling (Strain Relief Strap is sold separately). Even when rigged to the drop-ceiling grid, the Porta-Grid Clamp can slide on the ceiling's "T" channel, enabling you to make fine adjustments in light placement.

The mounting brackets on each end of the clamp have a wide flat base that keep the clamp from rolling under the weight of offset lights or flags that are armed out. For an extra solid rig, a trick-of-the-trade is to break a clothespin apart and wedge each half between the mounting bracket's flat base and the drop-ceiling "T" channel (see detail #3 left). The clothespin wedge eliminates the gap so there is virtually no roll. The clamp becomes so solid that you can make precise cuts with barndoors, and even the leaves of a Leko, without the light settling when you let go. These are a just a few of the many exclusive features of the Porta-Grid Clamp that enable it to turn any ordinary drop-ceiling into a full blown studio grid.

See Pic. #4 for details on our Porta-Grid Light Mounts (sold separately). They feature our exclusive "Posi-Lock" connection that enables you to quickly and easily rig lights to the Porta-Grid Clamp, yet is flexible enough to allow you to make fine adjustments to the light's placement, even after it has been rigged. Without a doubt, such flexibility can make all the difference in your lighting; and is yet another feature exclusive to the Porta-Grid Drop-Ceiling System.