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ScreenLight & Grip is a reseller of both new and used lighting and grip equipment by the best manufacturers in the industry, as well as our own proprietary line of Honda generator accessories (see below for details.)

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ScreenLight & Grip has developed a special production package we call the "HD Plug & Play Package" (HD P&P Pkg.) For our HD P&P Pkg. we have picked lights that offer both the highest output (lumens/watt) and the most feature style production capability and combined them with proprietary distribution technology we have developed that enhances the production capability of the new Honda Inverter Generators.

Our 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro provides 7500 Watts of power in a single 120v circuit
from the new Honda EU6500i Generator

Until now, to power HMI lights over 1.2kw or Quartz lights over 2kw required a large diesel movie generator. Movie generators are not only expensive to rent, but they come with hidden costs that usually break the budget of independently funded HD projects. Our HD P&P Pkg. takes advantage of technological advances to power HMI or Quartz lights up to 12kw off of the new generation of portable Honda Inverter Generators.

Our new HD Plug-n-Play Paralleling System can power
the new 9kw Arri M90 HMI as well as 3000W of additional lights

By eliminating the need for a tow generator in order to have feature style production capability, our HD P&P Pkg. saves you the expense of not only the generator, but also the added expense of a rental house grip truck and truck driver required to tow it. So that you can still enjoy the amenities of a grip truck, we can set up our HD P&P Pkg. on several Backstage rolling grip carts that you can load onto a Ryder or Penske rental box truck. Use this link for more details about our HD Plug and Play Pkg.

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