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Dolly Light/Monitor Stand

We've developed an innovative new stand for the mounting of lights, flags, or video monitors on our Fisher Dollies.

How does it work? Well, we've fabricated a stand riser that fits perfectly into the push bar & seat slots on the Fisher Dollies. Another telescoping riser makes it adjustable in height from 26"-60" above the dollies' deck, while a standard baby offset enables you to offset a light or Video Monitor. Depending on which push bar/seat slot you put the stand into, our Light/Monitor Stand will enable you to either rig lights directly over the dollies' boom arm for fill or eye lights; or it will enable you to rig flags for courtesies or lensers. And, with our accessory video monitor platform, it will also enable you to quickly and easily position a video monitor at whatever height and angle is most comfortable for the Camera Operator or Dolly Grip. An indispensable part of any Dolly Package or Dolly Grip's Kit, the Dolly Light/Monitor Stand and accessories are available for sale or rental exclusively from
ScreenLight & Grip.

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