60A Transformer/Distro w/ accessory 20A Break-Out Box (right)
84A Transformer/Distro w/ accessory 20A Break-Out Box (center)
Standard 60A Tranformer/Distro w/Bates Only (left)

We have designed our HD Plug-n-Play Gen-set system so that you can build-up your power generation capacity in an incremental fashion as your productions require. In fact, you don't even need to buy a generator to increase your production values. Our Transformer/Distros can create larger 120V circuits, capable of powering larger HMIs & Tungsten lights, from common household 240V receptacles (use this link for more details.)

Left: Transformer/Distro plugged into a 30A/240V dryer outlet. Right: 4K HMI Par under rain protection powered by Transformer/Distro

All you need is either our 60 or 84A Transformer/Distro, an adapter to Twist-lock cable and at least one 50' 250V Twist-lock extension cable. If you don't have, or can't rent, Bates style distribution cables and break-out boxes, the 3x20A Edison Break Out Box that we can wire into the base of the Transformer/Distro as an optional upgrade will enable you to power more smaller lights off of house power than you could otherwise.

Left: Arri AS18 1800W Par powered from Transformer/Distro. Right: 4Kw and 1800W HMI ballasts powered from Transformer/Distro.

When house power is not available, our Transformer/Distros will provide access to the full power available from a 4500-6500W rental generator by stepping-down it's 240V output to a single large 120V circuit (the size of the circuit depends on the size of the generator.) When you need the most power that can be obtained from a single generator, and it makes sense to invest in one, the same Transformer/Distro will provide a 60A/120V circuit, capable of powering HMIs up to 4kw and Tungsten lights up to 5kw, from the enhanced 7500W output of our modified Honda EU7000is generators.

A sunny feel is created on an overcast day by a Honda EU6500is powering a 4kw HMI Par and a 1800W ArriMax for a commercial.

When you need a larger daylight source to balance the sun on day exteriors, or to replace the sun on day interiors, our Paralleling Control Box will combine the output of two modified Honda EU7000s to generate an unprecedented 120 Amps of power (100A from unmodified EU7000s)(use this link for more details.)

A sunny feel is created on an overcast day by a Honda EU6500is powering a 4kw HMI Par and a 1800W ArriMax for a commercial.

A complete paralleling system consists of two Honda EU7000s, a Paralleling Control Box, and one of our Transformer/Distros (either 60-, 84-, or 100 Amps.) The equipment of the smaller systems is fully compatible with our paralleling system - all you need to start generating 120 Amps on set, is another Honda EU7000s and the Paralleling Control Box.

(Our new HD Plug-n-Play Paralleling System can power
the new 9kw Arri M90 HMI as well as 2000W of additional lights)

If you think you may ever need to parallel two EU7000s, you may want to consider purchasing our 84A Transformer/Distro at the outset instead of the 60A Transformer/Distro. Even though it is oversized for a single generator, it is the preferred option when it comes to paralleling two EU7000s because it will step down their combined 240V output into a single 84A/120V circuit while leaving you additional 240V power for larger HMIs. It will also step-down the 240V output of a 50A range plug to provide access to more house power without the danger of an electrical tie-in.

Please let me know if you need any further information.

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