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50' 240V Extension Cable

60A Full Power Transformer/Distros

Our 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro gives you access to more usable power on location by stepping down the 240V power, available from common household/office appliance receptacles, into a large 120V circuit capable of powering larger lights or more smaller lights than you could otherwise. There are a number of 240 volt outlets in a typical house, office, or industrial plant. The most common are air conditioner outlets, dryer outlets, range outlets, outlets for large copy machines in offices, and the outlets for motorized equipment or compressors in industrial plants. Where 240V receptacles are not available, our 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro can also be used to step down 240 Volts supplied by two regular 20A/120V wall outlets on opposing service legs. By giving you access to more 120V "house power", our 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro can eliminate the need for dangerous electrical tie-ins or expensive diesel generators.

4k & 1.2ks HMI Pars powered from 30A/240V dryer outlet through step-down transformer/distro for Bose still shoot.

Just as with our modified Honda EU6500is Generator, our 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro converts the 240 Volts supplied by these industrial and household receptacles back to 120 Volts in a single circuit that is the sum of the two single phase legs. That is how our 60A Transformer/Distro makes a 60A/120v circuit out of a "30A/240v" or a "50A/240v" circuit that is capable of powering bigger lights, like a 5k or a 6000W Six Light Mole Par. Unlike "splitter" boxes, our Transformer/Distro can also be used to safely power multiple 120V luminaries off of a 240 Volt circuit because it splits the load of whatever you plug into it evenly over the two legs of the 240V circuit so there is no need for a neutral return.

In fact, a step-down transformer is the only means of using a single phase 3-wire 240V circuit to power 120V lights that meets with the National Electrical Code (NEC). While some gaffers advocate the use of a "splitter" box to split the two 120V feeds of a 240V receptacle into two separate 120V circuits, these boxes do not meet the requirements of NEC [250-23(a), 250-24(a)(5)] when the 240V receptacle is a 3-wire system (H,H,G, & no N.) That is because three wire systems require the bonding of the ground and neutral in the "splitter" box which is in direct violation of NEC [250-23(a), 250-24(a)(5)] according to Mike Holt, of Mike Holt Enterprises, Inc. (A Leading Electrician Training Program in FL). To quote from the Mike Holt Enterprises website: "The National Electrical Code requires a neutral-to-ground connection to be made at service equipment only and there shall not be any neutral-to-ground connection on the load side of service equipment [250-23(a), 250-24(a)(5)]" (full excerpt is available online.)

4k & 1.2ks HMI Pars powered from 30A/240V dryer outlet through step-down transformer/distro for Bose product demonstration video.

The NEC does however permit bonding of the ground and neutral on the secondary side of a step-down transformer. That is because a transformer splits the load of the lights evenly over the two legs of the single phase circuit, drawing a perfectly balanced load just like the heating elements in the dryer or range for which the circuit was designed. Not only is it permitted by the NEC, it also has the distinct advantage over a "splitter" distro box of being able to run 2.5 & 4k HMIs with older 120V ballasts as well.

Our 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro not only conforms to the NEC, but it also enables you to more fully utilize the capacity of the 240V circuit by enabling you to load it more fully. The 20A branch circuits of a "splitter" distro box don't allow you to fully utilize the power available in a 30A/240V circuit because the load of a light has to go on one leg of the single phase circuit or the other. For example, when plugging lights into a "splitter" box, you reach a point where you can't power an additional 1kw light because there is not 8.4 amps available on either one of the box's legs. With a transformer you will likely be able to add that 1kw light because it splits the load of the light evenly over the two legs (4.2A/leg) of the 30A/240V circuit.

Our 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro also greatly simplifies your set electrics. Plugging in through a transformer you don't have to carefully balance the load over the receptacles' two 120V legs as you would with a "splitter" box because the transformer does it for you automatically. Now that you are able to fully load a 240V circuit in a perfectly safe balanced fashion with our 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro, you are able to not only power larger lights off of "house power", but also more smaller lights - thus eliminating the need for expensive tow generators or dangerous tie-ins.

Complete system consists of 60A Full Power Transformer Distro, one or more 50' 240V Extension Cable,
Transformer-to-240V Outlet Adapter, plus Transformer Hand Truck or Sled


Sample Productions

Scene from "Unsolved History" powered from 50A/240V range outlet through step-down transformer/distro

For sample productions like the Unsolved History Episode "Presidential Assassins" (pictured above) that have been shot entirely, or in part, with our 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro use the links below for PBS and History Channel historical documentaries filmed at the Ames Estate at Borderlands State Park in Easton, MA.

A popular state fee free location, the Ames Estate, like many historical house/museums, does not permit tie-ins and the electrical wiring in the house is so antiquated that it is unusable. Fortunately, they have a 50A/240 Volt circuit in the carriage house for a welder they use to repair the mowers they use at the park. Our standard mode of operation when shooting there is to run 250V extension cable from the welding receptacle to a 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro placed in the entry hall of the house. Using a 60A Siamese at the Transformer/Distro, we then run 60A 6/3 Bates extensions, down to the library, to the second floor, and back to the maid's pantry. At the end of each run we put another 60A Siamese. A 60A Woodhead on one side of the Siamese gives us 20A branch circuits. The other side we leave open for a large HMI or Tungsten Light. Now we can safely plug 1200 & 2500W HMIs, or even a 5k Quartz, into our own distribution anywhere in the house.

To maintain continuity between shots on these dramatic historical recreations, we usually bring a 4kw HMI Par in the windows on one side of the room as a sun source and a 1200 par through a window on the other side as a northern light source. We usually power both heads off of a Honda EU6500is through a second 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro. Since the Honda EU6500is can be placed right on the lawn, we are saved from running hundreds of feet of feeder cable back to a tow generator in the drive.

We have been able to use this same basic distribution package at numerous museums and historical houses throughout New England including Sturbridge Village. Fortunately for us, to make ends meet, many historical houses rent themselves out for events and weddings. For that reason, they usually have at least one updated service with 30 or 50 Amp 240 volt circuits for the warming ovens of caterers.

Use the links below for production stills of PBS and History Channel historical documentaries shot entirely, or in part, with our 60A Full Power Transformer/Distro.


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Our HD P&P Pkg. capitalizes upon the following technological advances in lighting and production technology by
Mole Richardson, K5600, Power to Light, Kino Flo, and Honda.
    - More efficient and compact HMI, Quartz, and now Fluorescent Par Lights.
    - Brighter and more efficient "short arc" HMI bulb designs.
    - 120/240V Electronic HMI ballasts with Power Factor Correction.
    - Cool burning, energy efficient Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures.
    - Innovative new rigging hardware.
These technological advances in lighting design now enable the use of bigger lights, or more smaller lights, off of standard wall outlets or off a new generation of quieter and more powerfull Honda Inverter Generators. Click here for more detailed information on our HD P&P Pkg.



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